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Kinds of drug treatment plans

Residential therapy

Residential treatment entails living at a center and getting away from work, college, family, friends, and addiction triggers while getting intensive therapy. Residential treatment may last from a couple of days to many months.

Day treatment/Partial Illness

Partial hospitalization is for men and women that require continuing medical observation but want to still live in your home and also have a secure living environment. These treatment plans generally meet at a therapy centre for seven to eight hours during the day, you then go home at nighttime.

Outpatient treatment

Maybe not a live-in treatment plan, these inpatient programs could be scheduled around school or work. You are treated throughout the day or night but do not stay overnight.

Sober living communities

Residing in a sober home usually follows an intensive therapy program such as home treatment. You reside together with other recovering addicts in a secure, inviting, and drug-free atmosphere.  Atlantic Recovery Center is helpful for those who have nowhere to go or you are stressed that returning home also soon will cause relapse.

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